Eating Clean

Eating “clean food” or “clean eating” is a popular concept for those who are trying to be healthier. But, what does clean eating mean? Very simply, clean eating is eating food that is not processed or artificial. That is, eating food that is as close to its natural form as possible. Examples include fresh fruits, fresh veggies, whole grains, brown rice and organic meats and eggs. The idea is that by eating clean foods, the nutrients derived from them are maximized, which is healthier. In addition, we won’t be introducing unwanted chemicals and preservatives into our bodies which can potentially cause health problems.

Fully “clean” food includes organic fruits and veggies, organic meats, organic honey, and pasture raised eggs

Minimally processed foods include items that are frozen or minimally processed such as frozen fruits and veggies.

Processed foods include white flour, sugar, white rice, boxed and canned foods.

Eating healthy on a budget is sometimes difficult. Processed and boxed foods are often cheaper than fresh foods. Some tips from The Daily Burn   for eating clean foods on a budget include the following:

  • Buy fresh produce that is in season. It is often less expensive
  • Be picky about your organic produce. Not all non-organic produce absorbs chemicals. Examples include avocados and onions.
  • Buy frozen produce. Frozen produce is technically processed because it has gone through a freezing process, but it is minimally altered. Frozen fruits and veggies are less expensive and last longer.
  • Buy in bulk when available. Bulk foods are often less expensive. Grains and brown rice are often available in bulk.
  • Cook your meals ahead of time and plan on having leftovers. This makes it easy to continue healthy eating when you don’t have time to cook.
  • Check out store brands. Many grocery stores have store brand items that are either not processed or minimally processed.

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