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Meditation for Physical Health

We’ve all heard the phrase “mind over body”. What does this actually mean? In researching methods for my own healing, I’ve read a lot about meditation to promote physical healing. It is well known that meditation promotes well-being and psycho-spiritual health, but what about… Continue Reading “Meditation for Physical Health”

Chakra Beads: Red Tiger’s Eye

Yesterday, I received a gift of red tiger’s eye chakra beads. Originating in Asian and Indian cultures, chakra beads are bracelets which are intended to keep the seven chakras (energy centers) in balance and healthy. Many different healing stones can be used to balance… Continue Reading “Chakra Beads: Red Tiger’s Eye”


Gratitude is the feeling of appreciation for what we have. According to an article by Psychology Today, gratitude is a positive emotion that is associated with optimism, empathy and higher energy levels. What does it mean to have gratitude in practical sense? It is… Continue Reading “Gratitude”

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