Chakra Beads: Red Tiger’s Eye

Yesterday, I received a gift of red tiger’s eye chakra beads. Originating in Asian and Indian cultures, chakra beads are bracelets which are intended to keep the seven chakras (energy centers) in balance and healthy. Many different healing stones can be used to balance the chakra and are linked to a chakra points. The following chart illustrates some selected points and stones.


Chakra Healing Stones
Root Red and black stones such as garnet, jasper, and smoky quartz.
Sacral Yellow and orange stones- carnelian, tiger’s eye, and sunstone.
Solar Plexus Yellow stones- citrine, yellow jasper, and rutilated quartz.
Heart Green and pink stones- aventurine, or rose quartz.
Throat Blue stones- angelite, sodalite and aquamarine.
Third Eye Dark blue and purple stones- amethyst, fluorite, and lolite.
Crown Clear and white stones- moonstone or quartz

From:  Charka Stones Chart

Tiger’s eye is said to be a protection stone. It enhances characteristics such as integrity, confidence, pragmatism, will power and the correct use of leadership or influential power. Tiger’s eye also augments good luck and brings monetary prosperity. With regard to the chakra, Tiger’s eye is associated with the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, controls movement and sensation. From a spiritual perspective the root is associated with strength and spiritual energy.

The sacral chakra is located below the naval and above the pelvis. Physically, the sacral chakra controls energy flow and is the center of gravity for the body. Spiritually, a balanced sacral chakra results in grace, a positive attitude, and flexibility to adapt to different situations.

Meditation is a wonderful, relaxing way to gain the benefit of tiger’s eye. Consider moving types of meditation is tai chi or walking meditation such as a labyrinth to maximize the effects of the stone. In addition, wear tiger’s eye jewelry or a talisman daily.

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